The Sears Holding Corporation us among the largest and biggest retail companies that has about 4,000 affiliated stores. The company is not just in United States but also in Canada which has a main base in Hoffman Estate, Illinois. The company began when Kmart and Sears decided to incorporate and began to operate as one company in year 2005. Soon the population starts to grow and there are more stores became affiliated. The companies have employees from different states. Since they are big, there are also large numbers of employees hired. That is why the company created for the employees. In this way, they can quickly and easily manage each employee.Employees

My Personal Information

All employees are given Enterprise ID that should be registered to the website to access the employment details. You can find these details in My Personal Information page. The personal information contains details about the employee as long as they work in this company such as the pay checks monthly, the contact information, direct deposit information, the benefits they have from the company and many more. An employee can also update its own personal details such as W-4 form and direct deposit information.  So, you must register your user ID now.

HR and Manager in Sears

The website is not just for the employees of the company to use. There are part of the website that are only accessible to HR and managers of Sears. The information about the page can be found just below the My Personal Information. This page is only accessible to those who have login details using the Sears Holding Network. The page is used by HR personnel and department store managers that belong to the corporation.

Visit now and create your own account to manage your own details online.