For those who have a relative or a friend inside the prison, you can now talk or email to them using the Offender Connect. It is web portal that is created by Global Tel Link to create a less hassle communication between the inside and outside of prison. For those who wanted to know what is the condition of their relative or friend inside, this is the best form of communication at Why? The website offers these following services:Offender Connect

  • Offender connect lets your family and friends to make an online account that they can maintain and close the accounts with no the aid of the web site.
  • The Offender Connect has additionally a kiosk which enables cash deposits or any Visa and Master debit and credit cards. This quickly enables the friends or family to pay in a fund to GLT for the voice service as well as a trust account for the inmate. It features a touch screen feature which you can effortlessly navigate with each user procedure made in essentially the most practical way. There is absolutely no trouble to your part to get in touch with your love one or a friend within the prison.
  • For all those who have account in Offender Connect, they may also sign up at GTL telephone program even if the prisoner inside did not be sure to interact with
  • The offender connect is not only available online but along with through telephone service. Any family or friend members are able to call a customer service agent once they want to set up an account. This is well suited for people who are not computer wise. They may also make use of the IVR or Interactive Voice Response of the system that will provide them the tools with their account via mobile.

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