imageThe Limited Liability Company is one of the best business entities that you can find in Florida. This is because of the many reasons that you can find in the place that no other states can offer. Joining in LLC allows the shareholders to separate their personal assets from the company in case the company has debts. Creditors will not force the members to pay for the sake of the company. There are more benefits you can find if you file for LLC now. If you are asking how to file, in this article you can find the simplest steps.

How to File for Limited Liability Company?

Step 1: Company Name. Have a name for the company. The name must be unique from the rest that are already registered in the Florida State. The name created will have an abbreviation at the end. It may be “LLC”, “L.L.C”, “LC” or “L.C”.

Step 2: Registration Agent. Find a person who can file the process legally. He or she must be a resident of Florida which will act as the representative of LLC and receive the legal documents from the Florida Department.

Step 3: Article of Organization. Get a copy of cover letter and the Article of organization which can be downloaded at the website of Florida Division of Corporations.

Step 4: Important Information. After receiving the form, fill all the important details that are asked. The name and address of the business, the list of managers, the date it will start and the name and address of the agent.

Step 5: Processing Fee. Send the form after it is completed and pay for the processing fee that cost $125.  If done online, pay through credit card.

These are the simple steps to remember if you want to form the LLC. Click here to get to know more about this company.