Eventually, there are products inside the jail that are sold to prisoners. They need money in order to buy these products. If you want to make their life comfortable, you can send them money so they can buy whatever products that can ease their life inside the prison. How can you send money?imagetdcj inmate search, tdcj prisoner, tdcj inmate, tdcj offender search

  • By way of Checking Account. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice will let you send money via depositing on the direct debited checking account. To set up a regular monthly deposit, just mail a voided check by your account which the money can come from and next fill out the ACH Credit form in the Inmate Trust Fund.
  • Selecting You can use a cashier check and money select to the Inmate Trust Fund available in Huntsville, Texas. You can find a deposit slip in the perpetrator and then integrate the payment with your mail envelope. It’s important to mail the money to the “Inmate Trust Fund” with the Name and the number. The name could be the offender and then the number could be the prisoner’s account number.
  • Via TDCJ Service Sites. You can get three selections in posting the money with TDCJ service websites. Actually setup an profile without cost still there’ll be a service charge if you are planning to mail You need to use TouchPay, MoneyPak and Jpay.com websites. You should use your debit or credit card in which the finance will come from.
  • By using Sending Money. It is possible to wire money utilizing Western Union in Texas. You will find a limitation of exactly how much you can send and that is exclusively around $200. The transfer should be send towards the TDCJ Inmate Trust Fund with the code of TDCJ/TX.

Just go to TDCJ website for more information you can have anytime.