imageOne of the top Google’s products this time is the Gmail. This is a free webmail service that is open to everyone who wishes to create their account. There are many benefits that a user can have with Google mail. Not only the very easy interface to navigate your way to the web page but as well as the features such as built in video and chat room. Also it has a free SMS testing application. These make Gmail an amazing webmail service than others. If you want to sign up for your own account now, you can read the simple instructions below. This site is a guide for those who are not well adept with computer and internet.

  1. First thing to do is navigate your way to the website. Just enter
  2. When you are on the sign in page, locate the link “Create an account. It is found on the right corner of the web page. Just click the button link.
  3. Registration page will be loaded. On the page you will be asked by your first name, last name, your desired email address and password. Make sure that your email ID and password are unique. You can check them on the right side of their text fields. You can combine letters and numbers to make your password secured from hackers.
  4. Choose your security question. This will be asked in case you forgot your password and very important together with your secondary email address. Choose the easiest among the questions that you can answer immediately.
  5. Read the Google’s Terms of Service.  This is the part where Google define you what will you get on their product and what are the rules. If you agree of all that is written just check the “I accept”.

Blog post like this teaches us how to create accounts when we do not know our way on a website.