Gmail has now become one of the most popular webmail services in the internet. This is because of the gracious offers it has given to all account holders. The features are already a great deal for the people and it’s free to use by anyone who has their account. The security is also at its best. But there are still who suggest that even if the security of Gmail is superb, it is still best if you can do backup process with your emails. In case you lost your account, you still have access to your important emails. How? Here are the steps you can do here.image

Backup Using Outlook
a. Start up your Outlook and next proceed to Tools > Account Settings.
b. Next, select New.
c. Type the Gmail details you have, the email address and password.
d. Next, the emails will promptly download on Outlook.

You don’t need to access your Gmail account, you can view your emails using outlook.

Backup Using Thunderbird
a. You have to download and install first Mozilla Thunderbird on your pc.
b. You also have to set up an account.
c. Now, type in your Gmail credentials, the username and password.
d. To finish, press the Get Mail to download your entire emails.

Backup Using a Client
a. On the upper right hand part within your account webpage, click the gear option.
b. After that, just click the Settings, and after that Forwarding POP/IMAP.
c. You will need to enable the IMAP and pick the “Do not limit the number of messages in an IMAP folder”. It is under the Folder Size Limits.
d. Finally, do not forget to hit “Save Changes”.
Your emails have been completely secured on the client side, all you need is visit Google Support to see instructions regarding how to begin using Gmail with a Client.

The same with Thunderbird, you only need to use this software and access your emails at login page.