Having hard time looking for an important file on your email? Due to thousands of emails stored inside your inbox, it would eventually take a day to conduct and Inbox search. But there are strategies that you can do to make searching faster and easy on your part. You do not really need to do a one by one search of the emails. There are tricks that you can learn when you continue reading this article.

But in the next few paragraphs, you can read several of the fundamental help which would be actually handy to your account. Once you log into Gmail, write the words “Search Mail” on the field alternatively you can go immediately by pressing the “/”. Then, press input along with a magnifying glass will show up. When you want to choose or narrow the effect of your search, select the Show Search Options. On the option textfield you can put the sender’s name or email address. You may also put the subject or some phrase that you can remember on the content of the message. For more information about Gmail, you could always register for an account and study the page to explore more.
You can also select more the query using the attachment to specify more the searching of the important message. Attachment can be useful while you are searching. If you possibly could remember the file name of the attachment, it’s going to be a lot better. The advantage of using this email service is that the messages that belong on your spam and trash will not be listed on the search. So, searching might be simpler and quicker assuming you have a huge selection of emails to your account. For better research is to organize your emails by folders so you can only search the folder they belong.