A child support is an ongoing payment of parents to their children who decided to be separated. This is a financial benefit of the child or children to support the daily needs, clothes, education and other needs of the children. You can visit now at Myfloridacounty.com those who are entitled to receive a child support, here are the following things you can do:image1

Get from Direct Deposit

  1. The first you must do is, allow the Florida Department of Revenue to provide preparing a direct deposit of funds in your own bank account. You want to complete the Child Support Payment Options form and then mail it in the address spotted in the form.
  2. Once you ought to complete a direct deposit of a checking account, a preprint voided check is necessary in addition to the form.
  3. When you intend to create a direct deposit of your savings account, you ought to incorporate a letter attained into your bank aided by the bank routing number with your own account number.
  4. In the event you haven’t still accumulated any support, it is possible to make contact with the city Clerk of the Court office. There are many hometown court office numbers based in the MyFloridaCounty.com site.

Get Payment from Debit MasterCard

  • For individuals who don’t have any a bank account, selecting a Florida Debit Mastercard is really a great option. This is also accessible to anyone who has bank accounts to use.
  • Just claim a card beginning with typing in the Child Support Payment Options form. Ensure that you send it in the address found in the form. The card is usable for three years and you will instantly get a new one a month prior to the expiration date.
  • Your balance may be check and it’s also accessible 24 hours a day and seven days every week online. Just create an account at Florida EPPICard website.
  • You may follow of the regular monthly in case you are paid on the right amount. When not, it’s possible to contact the regional Clerk of the Court office for inquiry.

For parents, pay child support online now so you can give assistance with your children.