Communication is a way in which we send our ideas to others. It is also our way if we want to say something important to others. In today’s communication it becomes easier and more convenient. When we want to say something to somebody, it’s just one email, one call or one text away. Goodbye to the old snail mail days that could take us weeks to receive something very important. Today in one click, you will know the status of your standing in business transaction. You will know how will be the weather tomorrow and you will eventually know if you have passed the job test or not.

As an individual we have responsibility of how we communicate. How to be effective when communicating to others?

  1. Know what you are writing and talking about. You have to know the topic and be clear of what you like to say to others. It is one of the essential ways so communication is successful. Do not be vague or you’ll bore your audience and end up being disappointed.
  2. Be focus on the topic. Be consistent and direct to the point. Do not be too flowery over your words. You will lose the interest of the audience before you knew. You will lose the incredibility of what you are talking.
  3. Know who your audience are. Of course it is important that your topic or what you are talking about fits the audience. You have to categorize the topic according to the audience or adult listening to you. There are certain topics that are not suitable to children to hear.
  4. Create a good ambiance. A good communicator creates an ambiance that would make the listener never be bored and interested to listen.

These are some tips on how you can communicate effective to the people you wish to say something.