You can register a free account on Hotmail and have 5 GB free storage space with features such as Windows Live Messenger, drag and drop folder organization, MP3 music and other more. Though Hotmail has limited storage space and functions, it still a good deal to sign up for. To Hotmail users, you might be interested to know how you can modify your password. This process is essential for security purposes. Visit the website at If you want to change your password, read the steps below:Logo Windows Live Hotmail

  1. Check out to the website of Hotmail and sign in via your own personal email address and password. When you are login in your account, select the “Option’ menu and then also opt for “More Options”.
  2. Within the page, just click the “Account details” that contain the password, aliases and time zones. And then, besides that click on below the “Managing your account” section of the Hotmail site.
  3. Mainly hit the “Change” button within the Password area of this Hotmail account which states “Account overview” to modify your password.
  4. Type in the existing password of one’s account upon the “Old Password” field. After that, type in the password you like to have on the “New Password” and moreover retype it on the after field provided.
  5. Hotmail passwords are case-sensitive also it must provide at the least six characters. So, be sure you remember in the event you provide caps lock or small letter only.

Tips on Changing Password
a. Based to Hotmail, the most suitable password incorporates 14 characters with all the mixture off letters, numbers perhaps even special characters.
b. Please do not ever publish your passwords to other on emails regardless of whether it states they are working from Hotmail. The service isn’t going to ever sought after passwords from end users.

Go to login page and access your account to try if your new password works.