Receiving an email that we don’t know who the sender is must not be opened, especially if it contains an attachment. This is because the file might contain harmful object such as virus that could damage your computer system. Read more here at What you need to do is follow the steps below:image

  1. Do not open up any email that will be questionable or you really do not recognize, especially the subject and also the email sender of email. It’s best not to even start any kind of attachment if you’re not expecting any documents or files from your family, friend or in the office. Make sure you identify it to start with with the sender should the file is legal.
  2. You have to check out the upper site of Hotmail if you start a file included on the email. The email provider features a free scanner of virus which can scan all the files linked at the emails delivered to your account once you open all of them. The program will change should the email possesses malicious attachment. In this manner, you will need to erase the email instantaneously.
  3. When the scanner detected virus, you should click the “Delete” key you may see at the left part in the email. It should prompt that you may have taken off the email correctly. Then simply just click “Push” near the top part of the page so you can get rid off indefinitely the emails. It will prevent you from by mistake hitting the file when browsing.
  4. Scan your laptop or computer assuming you have by chance opened a strange file and this was downloaded on your computer. The scanner is going to determine and get rid of the virus around the affected section of your computer. There are several cost-free anti-viruses which you can download on your system for security for example Avast and AVG.

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