imageGoogle has offered a free webmail service that now caters millions of user all over 40 countries in different languages. The email service is very popular because of the features it offers to people in no charge at all. Research more here at Some people do not even know that there are features that Gmail offers. That is why it is time for you to discover them now.
First, undo send. This capability offered by Gmail does not mean that it’s going to undo the email you already sent out. Even so the feature offers you a couple of seconds’ opportunity to quit a sending message that can bring on error. It is especially good to individuals who are just caught up by their emotion writing the message. But Gmail will simply grant matter of moments that you can fix this mistake.  Second, to-do list. This is often among the list of organization options that could be very beneficial for you personally. It will consistently remind of your regular activity which should be accomplished. You possibly can carry this to do list at any place you could be and helps to keep you reorganized with the task since dates are usually up to date. You can read more here at login URL.

Third, POP and IMAP. The POP is a kind of mail service which you demand a desktop system to get into your emails. Your Gmail account now can be viewed from the quick programs called Outlook and Apply Mail. There are a lot of free of charge webmail companies that present this feature with pay and then there are the types that don’t have this selection.  Lastly, offline access. The Google Gear will help you to keep the emails and still access them if you are not connected. Once your personal computer is connected once more the latest mail messages will be stored on the system and also the emails you composed is going to be emailed.

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