In this modern time, automation becomes an edge to the company. With technology, Macy’s Inc. can manage 167,000 employees from their database on 814 department stores companies using the Macy’s employee connection. How does this service work? It allows employees to manage their account containing all the employment details they have. So, whenever an employee has a question, she or he can always refer to the site.image
Macy’s Insite Registration Step Instructions
For those who are unfamiliar with this page, you will have to get an account to start with if you want to organize your benefits and other info.
a. One must go to the login web site to select from the subscription option.
b. Press the first time user choice and after that input your SSS number, employee ID, birthday, zip code, mother’s very first name and next send the form.
c. You can now login into the account.

Services of Macy’s Insite Employee Connection
The web site gives many types of services in which the employees can look after. Other than coming to the HR, these matters can be performed today because of online.

  • Benefits
  • Communications
  • Forms
  • Resources
  • Green Living

Featuring Online Payment Bill

This website has added a feature for employees’ advantage. Through the partnership with CheckFree, any member of Macy’s employee connection has the chance to pay their bills online. In this way, employees now get the chance to pay their bills online without hassle. With one click, your payment is already sent. You can also customize where you get your bills on your email. Postage stamps will no longer be needed just to mail your bills that might get lost while being travelled. That is the convenience of online bill payment with this service. This might be the best additional feature.