There are many chat applications that you can download and use. But if you want the coolest application, why not use Kik messenger? There are lots of features that this application offers to the Kik sign in users. But of course not all applications are perfect, it still have drawbacks. For you to be guided about Kik, read the advantages and disadvantages below:image


  • The primary benefit of using Kik is that it connects people wherever they are located. Say for example a circle of friends, they may simply send some messages without one on one conversation. If ever the information is essential, it may be deliver to all instantly.
  • You could also speak to numerous of people because this application features setting up web discussion and adding people into it. They will simply give strategies and speak with one another.
  • Kik messenger enables you to send unlimited text to anyone without worrying with regards to the extensive bill monthly. This is usually a cost-free feature to use to all Kik members.
  • Kik can certainly be downloaded to any platforms. Besides for mobile members but Kik can be downloaded in Windows and Mac programs. Once downloaded, you can even take advantage of the features offered exactly the same with the mobile platform functions.


  1. Besides the fact that communication to everybody is very simple. One of the disadvantages of selecting mobile interaction is they get rid of the personal experience of talking to a person one on one. You can’t discover the genuine emotion of the individual you are communicating.
  2. There is also a dilemma in security risk. Additionally, it mandates responsibility when using the app, particularly when talking to somebody you don’t know. This can present some risk to the member.

What is Kik? Visit their website now for more information.